House Rewiring

If you have an older home in Melbourne, rewiring by certified electricians from S-elect is something you should seriously consider. Rewiring a Melbourne home may not be the prettiest part of your stunning renovation, but it is essential for the ongoing safety and compliance of older houses. 

Why rewire an old house?

Old wiring may not only be unsafe due to ageing, wear and tear, but it was also not designed to withstand the load that our increasingly tech-driven lives now place upon it. In fact, faulty or old house wiring is often the cause of devastating house fires in Victoria, so easily avoided by an electrical safety check from S-elect.

Over time you may have added more power points to your older home (also known as power sockets or power outlets) or increased the electrical load going through each powerpoint with the overuse of power boards. Your need for heating, cooling, lighting, home automation, alarm systems and electrical appliances has probably increased dramatically since your older home was built decades ago.

If this sounds like your home, it would pay to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy local electrician from S-elect conduct an electrical safety check and discuss the potential rewiring of your Melbourne home.

How often should you rewire a house?

While there is no definitive time period in which house rewiring is required by regulation, there are plenty of signs that indicate a house needs rewiring and timely action is necessary.

If your home is over 25 to 30 years old or you are experiencing…

… call S-elect Group now and one of our professional qualified electricians will be there to discuss the state of the electrical wiring in your home and the cost to rewire a Melbourne house.

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What does it cost to rewire a house in Melbourne?

Affordable house rewiring is as important to us as it is to you. The cost to rewire a house in Melbourne is determined by the size of the property  amongst several other things, so it pays to contact the friendly team at S-elect for a quote to rewire your home as soon as possible.

One of our certified electricians will attend your property to do a complete electrical evaluation of your home’s rewiring needs, taking into account a switchboard upgrade and considering the potential for unanticipated demands on your power supply in the future.

Perhaps you might decide to put in a swimming pool, LED lighting and automated window furnishings at some stage down the track, or maybe you’re thinking that one day you’ll add a family room extension and a home security system. You might be a growing family with an increasing number of appliances and electrical equipment being used on a daily basis.

This means it is important to ensure that your new switchboard and new wiring is designed to meet your current AND future needs, and that’s exactly what your expert local electrician from S-elect is there to help you with.

While several factors are involved that impact the total cost of house rewiring, a ballpark figure for rewiring an average three bedroom house in Australia is somewhere between $4,000 and $9,000. Remember, there can be potentially catastrophic repercussions when you don’t rewire an old house.

With your family’s safety and your home at great risk when there are electrical wiring faults caused by old wiring, affordable house rewiring by the best electricians in Melbourne is the smart way to stay safe from electrical disasters such as fire and electrocution.