Smoke Alarms

Along with safety switches, working smoke alarms save lives. According to Consumer Affairs Victoria, smoke alarms must be installed in all Victorian buildings including houses, units, flats and townhouses by law.

The Victorian Building Authority also advises that smoke alarms must meet the Australian Standard AS 3786 and are compulsory and must be installed in every residential building on or near the ceiling of every storey. Victoria’s fire services recommend installing smoke alarms in every bedroom and living area.

Hard-wired smoke alarms

You’ll need a certified electrician for smoke alarm installation with battery backup (also known as smoke detectors) in buildings built after 1 August 1997 as the law requires that they be hard-wired to 240V mains power.

Our reliable electricians are on hand to ensure your home is both safe and compliant with regulations around fire safety and smoke detection. Call us today, and request a local electrician to install smoke alarms in your home, because a hard-wired smoke alarm installed is the safest option, regardless of the age of the property.

Battery powered smoke alarms

While you may still make the wise decision to have hard-wired smoke alarms installed in your older home, the law states that buildings built before 1 August 1997 can have battery-powered smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms in rental properties

In relation to rental accommodation, rental providers are legally required to fit smoke alarms in all rental properties – that is hard-wired smoke detectors with battery backup in accommodation built after 1 August 1997, and battery-powered smoke alarms in buildings built before that date.

Of course these regulations in place as at 2022 are subject to change, so you should always stay up to date with legislative updates in relation to electrical safety. If you’re unsure what the regulations are around smoke detectors, give us a call!

Rental providers are also responsible for ensuring that smoke alarms are properly installed and working. In the event of a smoke alarm not working, it is considered an ‘urgent repair’ which must be made immediately. That would be the perfect time to call a S-elect local electrician qualified to install smoke alarms in Melbourne.

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Smoke alarm maintenance

  1. Activate the test button every month to check that the smoke detector is working.

  2. Replace 9-volt smoke alarm batteries annually or if the smoke alarm indicates that the battery is flat with a high-pitched single beep every 30 seconds.

  3. Replace lithium battery-powered smoke alarm units every ten years.

  4. Replace the smoke alarm unit in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

  5. Clean the smoke detector unit regularly to remove dust particles which could affect performance.


Smoke alarm installation is not just important but vital for the safety of building occupants and physical property. Hire the best electricians in Melbourne today for the installation of battery-powered and hard-wired smoke alarms in your residential or commercial properties

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