LED Lights

Did you know that lighting accounts for about 10% of the average Australian household’s energy consumption? So, making the switch to energy efficient LED lights in your home is a smart decision and a great way to combat those soaring energy bills that cause such stress every time they land in our inbox.

And with power so expensive, you know that the cost of cheap LED light installation will be recouped in no time at all!

Of course strategic lighting is also an important aspect of interior design in new and renovated Melbourne homes. Interior designers use feature LED lighting to create interest and ambience as well as providing practical functionality in kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor living spaces, staircases, wine cellars, living and dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Why switch to LED lights?

According to the Department for Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, there are multiple reasons that so many home owners are making the switch to energy efficient LED lighting, and we couldn’t agree more!

The benefits of using LED lights in your home include:

While the economic benefits of installing LED lights in your Melbourne home are obvious, LEDs also provide great flexibility for you to create the ambience you desire with a range of lighting effects.

When you install colour-changing LED lights you have the ability to switch between cool and warm settings which, when combined with the use of dimmer switches, allows you to create mood lighting as, when and where you need it.

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Cheap LED light installation in Melbourne homes

Let your friendly S-elect local electrician in Melbourne install LED downlights in your home today with energy efficient, long-lasting benefits! Our electrical services extend to LED light replacement in Melbourne too, for those rare occasions when LED lights need replacing.

Enquire today about how our expert team can both install and replace LED lights in your home, as well as affordable domestic electrical services and a variety of home lighting installations, including:

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